BIG 12

Don’t buy your blue and gold cowboy boots just yet pardner!  I think there is no way WVU will ever play a game in the Big 12.  This whole announcement think looks terribly suspect.  Although the offer and acceptance to the Big 12 may indeed be real I think deep down everyone has their fingers crossed behind their back because as time passes – as Sherlock Holmes would say – “other game is afoot.”

To begin with I sincerely doubt Oliver Luck would move to the Big 12 without visible consultations with football boosters and other stakeholders.  How strange that we hear absolutely nothing from Oliver then some “word” leaks out of “somewhere” and suddenly here comes to “real deal.”  What is going on is that WVU is hedging its bets which is basically what absolutely everyone else is doing.  Teams are “scrambling” to be in a BCS automatic bid conference but once that picture and the “super conferences” gets a little more real, teams are going to “trade” and jump around a lot.

My guess?  WVU will end up in the ACC.  Can’t get there now so we are parking the WVU car in the Big 12 parking lot until the traffic congestion lessens then we’ll drive over to the ACC.


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