Dear Neighbors:

I need your vote on May 17.  That is election day for Charleston city council.  We now have early voting so you can cast your ballot before then from May 4 to May 14 at city hall if you wish.

Since 2003 I have done my best to represent Ward 15.  As an incumbent, I must run on my record, and there are several things that I can point to which have helped our neighborhood and our city.

The Bridge Road Shops.  Thanks to the Bridge Road Neighborhood Association and the Mayor we have greatly enhanced and improved this business area.  When I was in the House of Delegates I secured a $10,000 grant which went towards infrastructure improvements for the shops.  We still have some traffic congestion problems but this project is definitely a success story.

The Carriage Trail.  Thanks to volunteers like Mary Stanley, Wayne Eich and many others, the Carriage Trail Committee which I chair has wisely spent the Ayre Fund monies to upgrade and improve this historic gem.  Recently, the city acquired the Justice Row property so we can look forward to further improvements to this greenspace.

Home Rule.  Working with Councilman Jack Harrison, I co-chaired the city’s task force which applied for and received home rule authority from the state.  This five year program has saved the city money and increased our ability to make the best decisions for Charleston.

Presently, I serve as Chairman of the Streets and Traffic Committee.  I am also on the Rules and Ordinances Committee and the Finance Committee.  The challenges which Charleston faces are real.  We must somehow deal with the city’s unfunded pension liability and continue to fight crime most of which unfortunately appears to be drug related.

On a personal note, I am married to Patti Hamilton and have three stepsons, Derek, Wes and Kyle Thomas.  I am on the board of the Alzheimer’s West Virginia Chapter and serve as a trustee for the Craik-Patton House Foundation, Inc.

Again, I respectfully ask for your vote on May 17.  I have been a resident of South Hills for thirty-six years, and I have served on Charleston city council for the last eight years.  I look forward to building our future and improving our neighborhood in the years to come.

Contact me a 304-345-8939 or at dkh@ramlaw.com

Dave Higgins


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This That and the Other

The NCAA basketball championship game between UCONN and Butler renewed my confidence in the old adage that someone “puts their pants on one leg at a time.”  As is often the case the circumstances were special not the people involved (See Hollywood and the media most of the time).

The movie “Black Swan” is intriguing.  It is a story about a split personality told through Swam Lake which is a ballet about spilt personality.

I heard Jeff Kessler speak to the Democratic faithful on Saturday.  He made a very good speech delivered with conviction and a touch of humor.  I was impressed.

How much longer can interest rates remain so low as to be almost non-existent in terms of return to investors?  Not long.  Rather than allow a panic to ensue when European governments and to a lesser extent the U.S. approach a refusal to refinance scenario, the market will hope to avoid this disaster by ratcheting up interest rates.


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