Football and Politics

I hope that the Mountaineers don’t run away with it against the Red Raiders this Saturday in Lubbock.  I hope it is a close game and not a 45 -14 blowout for the ‘eers.  Why?  I fear that if the high flying Mounties stomp the Red Raiders, they (being only human and very young) will start to believe their press clippings and will lay an egg against Kansas State the following week.  So I want a win….just not a big win.

The vice presidential debate was interesting.  Both sides made strategic mistakes in my opinion.  Ryan (and Romney) seem to feel they have to make some distinction between themselves and Obama when it comes to Iraq and Afganistan.  They don’t and they shouldn’t.  Trying to make artifical distinctions (Ryan:  We agree with the 2014 pull out we just feel it needs to be done responsibly ???) makes it look like you are arguing for the sake of arguing.  Besides, this election is not about Iraq and the Mideast.  The two parties are basically on the same page.  So don’t waste time jabbering about it and splitting hairs.  Move on the economy.  Bottom line:  Ryan wasted time and credibility trying to attack the Democrats on withdrawing troops from the Mideast.

Biden, of course, embarassed himself with all his smirking, laughing, interrupting and other high school reactions.  Very often he won the point on substance but upset undecideds when he mocked Ryan’s responses.  The Republicans will have a field day running ads of Biden laughing and smirking with the voice over being “considering the state of the economy and all the people who are hurting, why is this man laughing?  This election is no joking matter, Joe.”  I am afraid Joe spiked the ball in the end zone and fair minded people will hold that against him.




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The Debate and WV vs. Texas

I guess it’s fair game, but everyone keeps hounding the candidates about the details of their tax plans as if once elected the president merely signs his plan and there you go.  Trouble is no matter what the candidate’s tax plan may be, the president does not pass legislation.  So, although I enjoy all the gotcha crap associated with “challenging” a candidate’s position, I am still confounded by the following:  Gee, Mitt, how you gonna do that if the Senate is controlled by the Democrats?  Hey, Barack, how you gonna do that if the House is controlled by the Republicans

If West Virginia can score two touchdowns in the first quarter, WVU will win no matter how poorly the defense plays.  If we have 10 or few points at half, well I fear the Longhorns will triumph.  My prediction?  WVU 35 Texas 28.

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