How To Avoid Going To The Dentist

We are supposed to go to the dentist every six months.  Here’s what you do.  When your appointment approaches, call in and reschedule.  Push it off a month if you can.  Now when you go to your appointment that will occur in month seven.  But here is the key.  They will reschedule you FOR SIX MONTHS LATER NOT FIVE!!  So you see if you keep doing this you can avoid the dentist for two extra months a year and still be able to pretend that you are going every six months just like you are supposed to.

Now if you do this for forty years that is eighty months of avoidance.  THINK ABOUT IT.  YOU WILL HAVE AVOIDED THE DENTIST FOR SIX AND SIX TENTHS YEARS.  Brilliant.

2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Going To The Dentist”

  1. I love your method. I have a great fear of going to the Dentist. In the past everytime I went my behavior was so bad I would send the office flowers to apologize. The last several years I have just felt guilty about not going, but now I am going to follow your method. The guilt disappears, and I still avoid my fearful experience. Love it!

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