Things I Can Do Without

Not being unmindful of the blessings associated with what I have, there are some things I could definitely do without.

1.  The Fox Sports mechanical (?), armor clad (?) robot (?) warrior (?) which does Karate moves and jumping exercises during channel breaks.  Not sure what that has to do with football and boy it is getting irritating.

2.  Loud commercials.  I read where Congress is passing a bill to regulate that. Figures.  Still no law concerning keeping passengers trapped on sitting airplanes for hours but Congress wants to lower the volume on commercials.

3.  Local news teasers acting like some big weather disaster is coming.

4.  People who sincerely believe that if they have never heard of something then it can’t possibly be true.  Also known as being in denial that you are basically uninformed because you are too lazy to read papers or listen to the news.

5.  Politicians who preface their answers by saying “look.”


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