WVU Obnoxious Fans – A Solution

Good grief.  The night after the Pitt game, ESPN covered Kansas, Georgetown and WVU.  All they talked about with WVU was the deplorable behavior of West Virginia “fans.”  Talk about bad publicity!

Easy remedy for this.  Put video cameras on the fans (no invasion of privacy there – the TV cameras are always scanning and showing the crowd) and then announce that anyone caught on tape throwing something from the stands will be (a) expelled if they are a student and (b) arrested if they are not.  Morgantown city council may need to pass an ordinance to get (b) in place.

Too harsh?  I don’t think so.

P.S.  The University may want to do the same thing at football games.  We gave up season tickets years ago because it was just too depressing to sit around WVU “fans” who are basically obnoxious drunks.

A Good Sign Possibly

Political gridlock and partisanship run amuck may be slowly dissolving.  What is happening is more and more Americans are registering independent.  The percentage of Democrats and Republicans is eroding.  This should result in more and more politicians realizing that hard line party positions will not longer work if they want to be re-elected.  About time if you ask me.

This Will Be Fun to Watch

Former WV Supreme Court Justice “Spike” Maynard has become a Republican and has decided to run against Nick Joe Rahall for Congress.  Now that corporations can promote issues and candidates without limits or restrictions other than disclosure of the source of funds, it should be “interesting” to see how Massey and Don Blankenship choose to become or choose not to become involved in this campaign.