Mountaineer Football Prediction

My theory is that, assuming one has a decent defense, the offense needs three potent weapons to be in the Top 10 and challenge for a national championship.  Two weapons puts you in the Top 20.  One weapon leaves you on the back of the bus. 

Right now we have Noel Devine.  End of sentence.  When we had Pat White, Steve Slaton and Owen Schmidt…well, we all saw what happened.

So for now we are in the 20 to 30 area.  If another star or two comes forth, well, see above.

Good luck, ‘eers.

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The Good Ole Days

Recently, they were doing road work so traffic was stopped and alternated between one direction “go” then cars going in the other direction were allowed to pass the work area.  The folks manning the stop points had walkie talkies or cell phones.

Remember the good ole days when the last car through got a flag or a hoop to carry?  When that car passed the other stop person the flag or hoop was given to him (it wasn’t a her then).  He then gives the flap or hoop to the last car in those he lets go through.  Ah, the good ole days.

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