One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

In the old days, we suffered through the commercials on TV, but what the heck TV was free so watching ads was a small price to pay for that.  Now, we pay $50 to $100 per month for our TV and guess what, we are still watching commercials but now we pay for the torment!

In the old days, we pulled into the gas station, they filled up the tank, washed the windshield, checked the oil and when we paid about twenty cents per gallon we got Green Stamps or actual gifties.  Now we pull into the gas station, we pump the gas, we clean the windshield and check the oil, pay $2.50 per gallon and get no freebies!

In the old days, you could buy a plane ticket at the counter in the airport and you could have a reservation in case your plans changed.  Now you pay separately to check your luggage, you can’t make a reservation and good luck walking into an airport and buying a ticket.  The planes also had pillows, blankets and magazines.  I won’t even mention security.



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The Comeback

What do you say about a team that couldn’t have played worse for 52 minutes and couldn’t have played better for 8 minutes plus overtime?  What you say is this team has a chance to do big things.

The big question is whether the players felt lucky after the Marshall win or felt proud?  My guess is they felt proud.  That means that even though the Mountaineer Nation  is still shell shocked, the truth is that what happened last night on nationwide TV could be the start of something really big.

OK, I’ll go ahead and say it.  Boise State wins all its games.  So does WVU.  All the top 10 teams rack up at least one loss.  What happens? The followers of college football have an absolute fit but the national championship game is WVU vs. Boise State.

Oh yeah.

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Top Five Movie Scenes Ever

Number Five:  The scene from “Indiana Jones” where the sword weilding Arab screams at Indy who in turn looks bemused, takes out his pistol and shoots the guy.

Number Four:  The shootout between Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) and Johnny Ringo in “Wyatt Earp.”

Number Three:  The football sequence in “Remember the Titans” where bad penalties are called, the defensive coach calls for total blitz all night then tells Boone (the coach) to run up the score and “leave no doubt.”

Number Two:  The final dance sequence in “Flashdance” where Alex gets into the Pittsburgh dance company.

Number One:  The “getting in shape” sequence from “Rocky” which ends with Stallone dancing with his arms up on the top of the steps.

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Special Primary

Let’s see if I have this right.  Manchin at first could have appointed Bryd’s successor but then the “rumble” was heard (I didn’t hear it but those with better hearing than I presumably did) that the “people” by heck wanted to VOTE on Bryd’s successor because by heck this is West Virginia, and by heck two years is way TOO LONG for an appointed person to serve and by heck the will of PEOPLE has to be followed.  So out comes McGraw’s opinion that yes we must have an election.  So the Legislature says OK.  How much will this cost.  Not much.  Only about two to three million per special election.

Now, ten or was it twelve percent of the registered voters even showed up to vote !!

The PEOPLE has spoken.  Well, NINETY PERCENT of them didn’t but what the heck, it only cost a couple of million.

Save us from ourselves and other things that go bump in the night!


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