One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

In the old days, we suffered through the commercials on TV, but what the heck TV was free so watching ads was a small price to pay for that.  Now, we pay $50 to $100 per month for our TV and guess what, we are still watching commercials but now we pay for the torment!

In the old days, we pulled into the gas station, they filled up the tank, washed the windshield, checked the oil and when we paid about twenty cents per gallon we got Green Stamps or actual gifties.  Now we pull into the gas station, we pump the gas, we clean the windshield and check the oil, pay $2.50 per gallon and get no freebies!

In the old days, you could buy a plane ticket at the counter in the airport and you could have a reservation in case your plans changed.  Now you pay separately to check your luggage, you can’t make a reservation and good luck walking into an airport and buying a ticket.  The planes also had pillows, blankets and magazines.  I won’t even mention security.



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