Understanding the National Debt

Suppose a family (say the Smiths) could apply for a family credit card.  The parents, Bob and Ethel, are presently the only ones authorized to use the card.  However, at their death the card belongs to the children, Bob Jr., Linda and Ray.  Once the children start using the card, they are responsible for all of payments.  So Bob and Ethel decide the make purchases on the card in the best interests of the family but they only pay the minimum payment each month.  The balance on the card gets bigger and bigger.

Bob and Ethel pass away.

The kids now have the card with an outstanding balance of $35,000.  The credit limit is $40,000.  The minimum payment stands at $4,412 per month.  Together the kids only make $6,000 per month. 

That’s what politicians mean when they talk about Congress spending money and leaving the obligation to pay the national debt to our children.

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Questions that Really Need to be Answered

How much do you tip your lawyer at Christmas time?

Do Prius automobiles come from the factory with the Obama sticker already on them or is that an after market purchase?

We have the mute button on the remote but why has no one invented a device that will automatically silence TV commercials and then turn the sound back on when the show starts again?

Is the reason politics is so “whacky” the fact that most people including politicians have only a superfical knowledge of history?


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But Ollie, what if ???

Listened to AD Oliver Luck‘s press conference about hiring DH and easing Bill Stewart out.  Basically, Ollie said he got rid of Stewart so WVU can win a national championship.  Interesting.  But Ollie has put a procedure in place that could … mind you I say could … blow up in his face and make him look pretty silly.  Suppose Ollie the following happens.

Stewart is still head coach for 2011.  He goes undefeated and wins the national championship.  Now Ollie Luck can forever be known as the AD who dismissed a coach who won a national championship!  My, my…..that would certainly place Ollie, WVU and DH in quite a NO WIN situation if per chance the Mountaineers run the table next year and grab the title.  Would the fans let a national championship coach retire?  Would the sports world look at this situation and start asking “what the heck was Oliver Luck thinking?”  What would the team say? 

This possibility reminds me of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  “Well, Ollie, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!” 

If there is a football god, the above scenario could well occur. 

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Bye Bye Bill – We Hardly Knew Ye

So the old saying is true.  No good deed goes unpunished.  All Bill Stewart did was take over a program in shock, win a great bowl game, lead us to winning seasons but of course we have not won a national championship.  Of course, West Virginia has never won a national championship but I digress.

Bill Stewart is basically just like Bobby Bowden when it comes to homespun cornpone but Bobby has that Southern twang which makes his simplistic statements sound semi-sophisticated whereas Bill sounds like – well let’s be honest – Bill sounds like most of us! 

Now it is true that presently the Big East is the easiest ticket to a national championship.  As long as the Big East has the automatic BCS bid, going undefeated in the Big East almost guarantees a shot at the big game unless two other BCS teams go undefeated.  So, 2011 could be interesting if WVU gets it all together. 

Of course, I can’t feel too sorry for Bill Stewart.  I think he has been paid about two or three million dollars for gosh sake so don’t get too upset that Bill is being treated poorly.  Poor, he ain’t!




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ThisThat and the Other

1.  I like the commercials about the ridiculous points systems that get you nothing.  You have probably seen them.  The American calls the “foreigner” thinly disguised as Pakistanis or Indians.  Where is the “outrage” that these funny commercials are after all RACIST.  Come on, political correctors.  Do your job!  Protest. To the streets!

2.  If Spiderman folds on Broadway, it proves the obvious.  Broadway is not Hollywood.  Leave the special effects to the cameras and computers.  Can’t be done live.

3.  Guess who will run and probably win a special election for West Virginia governor or the 2012 general election race?  Carte Goodwin.


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