Top Five Movie Scenes Ever

Number Five:  The scene from “Indiana Jones” where the sword weilding Arab screams at Indy who in turn looks bemused, takes out his pistol and shoots the guy.

Number Four:  The shootout between Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) and Johnny Ringo in “Wyatt Earp.”

Number Three:  The football sequence in “Remember the Titans” where bad penalties are called, the defensive coach calls for total blitz all night then tells Boone (the coach) to run up the score and “leave no doubt.”

Number Two:  The final dance sequence in “Flashdance” where Alex gets into the Pittsburgh dance company.

Number One:  The “getting in shape” sequence from “Rocky” which ends with Stallone dancing with his arms up on the top of the steps.

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One thought on “Top Five Movie Scenes Ever”

  1. I agree with picks one and five. Never saw “Wyatt Earp.” The part I liked best in “Remember the Titans” was that first play after the defensive coach calls the team over and then they go out and play smashmouth — when the linebacker makes a tackle by the other team’s sideline then points at the opposing coach for a long moment. As for “Flashdance”, the best part of that movie is when she changes into her baggy sweatshirt and removes her bra without taking off the sweatshirt. I was wondering “how did she do that?” for days.
    I would also nominate the last at-bat of Roy Hobbs in “The Natural” and the entrance of Dr. Franknfurter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

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