President Gary Johnson?

It could happen.  Really.  As Trump’s campaign continues to drop in the polls, many pro-Trump anti-Hillary folks may go the the Libertarian ticket (Johnson and Weld) since, after all, both of them are former Republicans.  If some PR bomb then explodes to damage Hillary (who knows these days?) and her numbers start to drop then some Democrats might go to Johnson since they sure won’t go to Trump.

An argument for people who do not relish four years of Hillary might also be what better way to smash the Washington gridlock than by putting a Libertarian in the White House.

So, if Trump continues to fall (say into the mid-twenties and then Hillary drops into the thirties the Libertarian candidate with 40% of the vote might just be elected president.

Little Known Fact

Issac Singer invented the modern sewing machine.  His company was very profitable.  His 50% partner was Howard Clark, a lawyer who handled numerous patent suits when Singer basically took this from machine one, that from machine two and produced something that truly worked.

Both men became super rich as a result of their ownership of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.  Howard Clark used part of his wealth to build the Dakota near Central Park.  This is where John Lennon was living when he was murdered.  When issac Singer died his wife (wife number five as I recall) inherited his wealth and went to Paris to live a “jet set” life.  SHE WAS THE MODEL FOR THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.


The Bernie Sanders campaign brought to our attention the “thumb on the scales” argument resulting from the large number of superdelegates appointed by the DNC.  No doubt there is some theoretical justification for “party control” by having superdelegates but it also presents a marketing problem to explain why delegates chosen and bound by the vote of the people should be “watered down” on occasion by the “insiders.”

Perhaps the rule should be that to get the nomination on the first ballot a candidate must have a majority of BOTH the superdelegates and the delegates chosen in the state after the primary.  That way the superdelegates cannot “override” the vote of the primary delegates.  If there is no winner on the first ballot then when the second ballot comes up, all delegates are unbound and the winner is whomever receives a majority of all delegates as a group meaning both superdelegates and primary delegates combined.


When one deducts interest paid on loans for tax purposes, the amount paid and THE NAME OF THE LENDER must be disclosed on the tax return.  Could it be that Trump hesitates to release his tax return because of this?  Perhaps he borrows from Russians?  Saudis?  Chinese?

Interesting Legal Trivia

The case of Mapp vs. Ohio established the principle that evidence seized in an illegal search by the police cannot be used at trial. This is what suppression hearings in criminal trials are all about. In that case the cleveland police were investigating the bombing of a home. Guess whose house was bombed? Remember boxing promoter Don King? It was his house!