Bye Bye Bill – We Hardly Knew Ye

So the old saying is true.  No good deed goes unpunished.  All Bill Stewart did was take over a program in shock, win a great bowl game, lead us to winning seasons but of course we have not won a national championship.  Of course, West Virginia has never won a national championship but I digress.

Bill Stewart is basically just like Bobby Bowden when it comes to homespun cornpone but Bobby has that Southern twang which makes his simplistic statements sound semi-sophisticated whereas Bill sounds like – well let’s be honest – Bill sounds like most of us! 

Now it is true that presently the Big East is the easiest ticket to a national championship.  As long as the Big East has the automatic BCS bid, going undefeated in the Big East almost guarantees a shot at the big game unless two other BCS teams go undefeated.  So, 2011 could be interesting if WVU gets it all together. 

Of course, I can’t feel too sorry for Bill Stewart.  I think he has been paid about two or three million dollars for gosh sake so don’t get too upset that Bill is being treated poorly.  Poor, he ain’t!




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