Syracuse-Awful Game Great Night

The game was just flat out awful.  We are paying millions of coaching dollars for that?  Good grief.  But….

My wife and I were in Philadelphia.  We had a private dinner at Constitution Hall with her group then went to a sports bar on 12th Street called the Field House.  It was totally crowded so we started to leave when the bouncer told us there was a WV alumi party in the back.  And was there!  About a hundred WVU fans – the Liberty Bell chapter had the back of the bar.  They welcomed us with open arms.  One guy gave us a ten dollar gift certificate.  We sat with a fellow named Hal and his wife.  Then about half time Owen Schmidt showed up.  What a great fellow.  I shook his hand, told him how much I loved his speech after the Fiesta Bowl Oklahomo game and we had our picture taken with him.

At the end of the game the fellow who had given us the gift certificate said he was going to watch the next game despite this one because he “loved those guys.”  Yeah, the team stunk.  Yeah Holgorsen stunk.  But hey we love those guys.  Go ‘eers.


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