Nicely done.  This should be a fun season.  Odds are the lads will drop one somewhere along the way but right now the needle points to a Big East championship and a BCS bowl – probably the Orange Bowl against an ACC team.  The key is one player – the freshman Garrison.  If he can continue to improve (love to watch him run – he has vision  meaning he knows which way to cut to take advantage of a block) then the already superior passing game will get even more effective. 

In terms of realignment, WVU will end up in the ACC I hope.  In terms of quality play the ACC is going to need a pistol like WVU particularly when Miami is banished to the bleachers.  The SEC doesn’t need another quality team but the ACC sure does.

I also like the way Dana coaches.  He puts freshmen in and doesn’t hesitate to reshuffle the deck if someone isn’t getting the job done.  Old school (I won’t mention the coaches by name) placed seniority at the top (which is one way to do it) but in the long run holding back better players just because someone else has been on the team longer is not fair.

If and this is a big if, WVU can run the table and keep hanging 40 plus points on the board each game…..well can you say national championship game???

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