we RU R.I.P.

Since WVU has now beaten the Scarlet Knights I think seventeen times in a row, Rutgers University – rest in peace is a fitting adieu.  The game was terrific…snow, come from behind, shut out in the second half … moving up in the polls.  Looking down the road, if we win out then it’s Orange Bowl against the ACC champ.  If we win then our ranking should be between 5 and 10.  If we lose that game, the ranking will be between 15 and 20.  Now if don’t win out then it’s probably the Car Crash Bowl in Charlotte again.  If we win that final ranking would be 15 to 20.  If we lose then 24 or 25 in the nation.

I still don’t think we will ever play a game in the Big 12.  Personally, I think joining the ACC would be the best fit.

Incidently, Holgorsen was not outcoached at Syracuse.  The players were out of sync.  A good coach takes the blame which is what Dana did at least partially.

Good things await the ‘eers.


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