WVU Football Prediction

Don’t be surprised when commentators start comparing Jarrett Brown to Tim Tebow.  Same type of guy.  Big, strong, good arm, not afraid of collisions, etc.  The commentators will wonder where WVU has been “keeping this guy” and then realize that he was “standing in the shadows” of superstar Pat White.

If the offensive line can play “smash mouth” then Jarrett Brown is going to be fun to watch.  It will still be hard for this team to finish better than somewhere between ten and twenty.  However, with a little luck (and don’t fool yourself – luck and injuries have a heck of a lot to do with college football success) the Mountaineers could turn some heads and rack up a decent year with some good quality wins. 

Remember our short yardage problem from last year?  Ever seen how the Gators usually make a short yardage gain?  You guessed it – Tim Tebow.  Hmmm.  Might work for us too. 


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