Non-Stop to Charleston

While attending the ceremonial arrival of the first American Eagle non-stop flight from LaGuardia to Yeager, I could only imagine the corresponding party which must be raging in New York.  Mayor Bloomberg I’m sure was promoting the event throughout the Big Apple.  “For the first time in many years we can now travel non-stop to Charleston and back again in the same day.  In the past it took hours and several stops to get to Charleston but now you can catch a cab in Manhattan, twenty minutes to LaGuardia and in a little over an hour you are strolling down Quarrier Street,” the mayor explained.  “Think of it.  Our citizens can wake up in New York, catch the early flight to Charleston, shop at the Town Center Mall, grab lunch at the Blossom or SoHo and be back in New York by nightfall.  Remarkable!” 

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