Somalia Pirates

The news account of the Navy SEALS taking out three of the four pirates as the lifeboat was being pulled by the frigate is interesting.  “When Navy Seals heard gunshots coming from the lifeboat, they were able to get a clear view of the pirates and took three direct kill shots to each of the pirate’s heads.”  Really?  How does hearing gunshots allow one to get a clear view of the pirates?  Another story stated that the Seals saw the pirates “threatening” the captain with their rifles which lead to the shots because they feared the captain would be killed.  Now wait a minute.  The pirates are being towed by a Navy frigate so they decide to shoot the captain, the only thing keeping them out of captivity and alive?  Hardly.

My conclusion is that the Seals took the shots just as soon as they were available, and I don’t quibble with that at all.  That is the same thing SWAT teams do in hostage situations. 

Of course, the American public needs to be told something other than at the first available opportunity, the pirates were killed in order to save the life of the captain. 

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