The Road

The leader of Group A told his aides he thought they ought to build a road.  So they assembled the group and handed out talking points for the upcoming rally.  The talking points included (a) the fact that building the road would create jobs, (b) people could ride quickly rather than walk, (c) if a person was ill or injured an ambulance could use the road and (d) people could establish businesses along the road.

The leader of Group B heard about the planned road, talked to his aides, assembled his group and handed out their talking points.  These included (a) people could get injured building the road because of all the blasting and heavy equipment, (b) accidents will happen on the road and people will die or be seriously injuried, (c) building the road will destroy natural habitat for animals and (d) dust and noise will accompany the construction.

At the rally Group A people held signs and chanted “We need jobs”, “Help the Ill and Injured” and “Pro Business Pro Road.”  Group B had signs too and chanted “Road Building Kills”, “Don’t Let Our Children Die – Stop the Road” and “Save the Environment – No Road.”

Two visitors on a nearby hill were watching all this.  “Can they afford to build the road?”  “No.” “Is there a need for the road?”  “Not really.  The traffic would be minimal.”  “Why are they doing this?” “It’s what political parties do.”


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