How can all the nations of the world come together at the Olympics and create a wonderful, friendly and cooperative event when the governments of the world can’t seem to agree on anything productive?  I guess the interests of your country are more serious than a gold medal but I still feel that somehow we are not communicating globally.

How could health care reform become such a train wreck?  When I saw Speaker Pelosi calling incremental change something about an “insy weensy spider” I saw part of the answer.  Then she said the existing bill was really bipartisan even if no Republicans voted for it because it had “Republican elements” either in it or omitted from it.  Now that is pure spin.  I have come to the conclusion that Congress is a large part of the problem.  We desperately need leadership not showmanship. 

Here in West Virginia there is an ad to “reform PEIA” sponsored by teachers and unions.  At the end it says something like “an worst of all employees being hired now have no health care benefits at retirement.”  I find that offensive.  My employer is not providing me with health care when I retire and I bet that is true of most of the folks out there.   

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