This, That and The Other

Too bad about the South Florida game.  If we can win either Pit or Cincy then my original prediction of a 9 and 3 season might come true.  Lose them both and we are 8 and 4.  However I can remember 3 and 4 win seasons so with perspective we are going OK.  In college football one or two incredible players can make all the difference.  At some point we will have that combination.  It is there now?  We will see.  Probably not.  But next year, the year after?  Who knows.


California wine country is beautiful.  No wonder the climate change movement is so alive out there.  We saw two different climate change street rallies going on in one day.  If there is a shift of the temperature gradient that could (a) radically change the wine country economy and (b) take away the absolutely wonderful California daily weather.  Obvious to me why that is a big issue out there and merely a coal mining issue in West Virginia.


Suddenlink is trying.  The fellows that actually come to your house are doing a great job and really want to solve the problems.  The irritation comes in because Suddenlink management has constructed a call in appointment system that is broken, inefficient and stands in the way of efficiency.  The poor call in folks have no idea what is going on in the field, there is no communication back to the customer to give updates (prohibited by the MBA management types I bet) and a general “handcuffing” of the phone people.  At some point the cable industry will no longer be protected so I guess Suddenlink will get away for the time being with a system that creates irritation for its customers.  But as soon as there is a clean alternative to the cable, watch out. 


Got a Kindle for my anniversary.  It is a wonderful product.  Trust me.  It costs about two fifty and books are ten bucks a download.  It will make a terrific Christmas gift.


After health care reform passes, insurance premiums will rise dramatically in 2010.  The backlash that occured when Medicare was “tweaked” to charge seniors a couple of bucks is going to look tame compared to the reaction to the proposed package.  All of the expense and “pain” is frontloaded in the bill with the “goodies” deferred until year three of further.  It is a shame that health care is being reformed in this way because I fear the good will be thrown out with the bad when the public reaction sets in.  Health care should have been phased in incrementally rather than “jamming” issue after issue into one bill.  So sad.  But that’s what we get for putting up with “partisan politics” instead of ignoring the party labels and demanding “performance politics.” 

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