The Marshall Game

We were at the game, and it was quite a mix of good news and bad.  The bad news is the injury to Jarrett Brown and the dismal performance of the team in the first half.  The good news is that Gino Smith got some good experience and the team played very well in the second half.  The absence of Ryan Clark and the re-injury to Scooter Berry is a negative.  So all and all, what can we say about The Game.  We won.  That’s about all it means.  Now the Eers are 22 which I like.  It is always more fun to rise in the polls as the season comes to an end than it is to fall.


If WVU can win out, we should certainly be in the Top 10 – probably 6,7 or 8.  If we lose one more, we will probably be around 14 or 15.  Lose two more (my original prediction for this season) and we probably sit around 20 to 24. 

The key at this point is whether players get healthy and stay healthy.  No one can really control that so once again the Football Fates are in control of the season.  Should be fun.

One thought on “The Marshall Game”

  1. I guess the whole season might rest on how the “eers” play against the Huskies this week. If we play strong, it could be another very good season, but if we are weak, well who knows.

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