Ron Miller – A Superior Candidate for State Senate

In 2010 Ron Miller of Lewisburg will be running for the state senate.  It is my hope that Ron is elected, and I say that for many reasons.  Ron has experience as a local elected official.  He is a minister.  He has a wonderful personality, great energy and has no political agenda other than doing what makes sense.  I kid him by saying that he is far too level headed to be very effective in the legislature, but seriously Ron is a man anyone can vote for with complete confidence that he will serve with integrity and intelligence.

I, of course, am not a resident in his district but his vote in the senate is important to everyone.  I would encourage folks to support Ron’s candidacy with both cash and comment, i.e., let people know that voting for Ron Miller is important.  He is a superior candidate and will make a superior senator.

Good luck, Ron. 

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