Life Imitates Art !

Last night we were watching a DVD movie called “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Keneau (spelling?) Reeves.  It is a pretty stunning science fiction show and in one scene the alien (Mr. Reeves) gets feed up with the incompetent polygraph examiner and “mind blasts” him.  The poor guy falls backwards and freezes in mid-air!  About two feet off the ground, he just hangs there like he is levitating or something.  After about ten seconds of this we started looking at each other.  The freeze frame was still there.

Now we heard a humming noise. 

It turns out the DVD machine was busted.  Loaded another disk and it too froze up after a few seconds.  We couldn’t watch the end of the movie but last night will always be remembered as “The Day the Movie Stood Still.”

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