I thought the Democrats were going to stop the war whereas the Republicans prefer to continue until a victory (however that might be defined) is obtained.  In listening to McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden it appears that both parties now favor “moving” the war to Afghanistan and perhaps Pakistan.  I find this disappointing.  The Russians were chewed up in Afghanistan.  I don’t see why Afghanistan will be any different from the kind of sacrifice now being made in Iraq.  The enemy there as in Iraq is not a country, a government or even a defined, identifiable group.  We are sending soldiers who must follow the Code of Military Justice with reporters in tow to “fight” against thugs, murderers and low lifes.  The war on terror needs to be “fought” using intelligence agencies, infiltration, paid informants and must be fought largely in the dark.  How sad that more Americans soldiers are going into harm’s way.  Neither party seems to think that “ramping up” in Afghanistan is a bad idea.  I do.  You don’t send a tank to “capture” a murderer – you send a marshall, a deptuy sheriff or a bounty hunter.

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