Judicial temperment

I would not presume to tell anyone how to vote.  In West Virginia we have three candidates for two seats on our Supreme Court.  I suggest that you vote for the candidate or candidates whom you believe will preside with dignity, calmness and consummate politeness to all involved.  A court has no army, no money to hand out.  It only has respect for its decisions.  Judicial temperment is the idea that a judge must be patient, respectful and restrained in his or her conduct and comments.  They must not appear to be aligned with any party, any cause or any lawyer.  In the “good old days” the local judge was the lonliest person in town because he or she felt constrained not to “socialize” with folks since they needed to remain impartial.  In those days, a judge would never talk to a reporter let alone engage in any overt political activity.  Judicial temperment is what I look for when I cast a vote for judge.

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