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Can Obama win West Virginia?  Maybe provided two things occur.  One he needs a lot of visible support from the Clintons here in the Mountain State and two, he needs to effectively communicate his plans for “universal” health care which is an important issue here. 

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Mountaineer football is gearing up.  Auburn is predicted to top its division in the SEC so our match up with them will be a proverbial “clash of Titans.”  Just like last year I predict that this season will be awash across the country with upsets.  The “skill gap” between teams is just plain getting less and less each year.  My prediction for this year?  I think the Mountaineers will lose one but still be ranked in the Top Five going into the bowl selections.  Sound familiar?  Yep, a lot like last year.  Considering the Fiesta Bowl triumph, a repeat of last year would be fine with me.

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A West Virginian was standing at a T intersection when an out-of-state car drove up and stopped.  The driver looked left then right and was obviously puzzled.  “Does it make any difference which way I turn to go to Beckley?” the driver asked.  “Not to me it doesn’t,” said the West Virginian.

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  1. Yes Obama could win WV, but I think that the Democratic Party of WV will have to work at that, and it is just not taking place on the local levels.
    I cannot believe that we will vote for a McCain in this state, but we did vote for Bush last time, and that should say a lot. Time will change us, I hope!
    Enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work. ‘

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