City Hall

On occasion serving on Charleston City Council can be amusing.  At our August 18 meeting the claims against the city were introduced.  The law requires that anyone believing they have been injured by actions attributable to the city must give written notice of the claim.  The following claim was submitted:

“Several trash bags were placed in [a] wheelbarrow near the prominity of other trash for the ease of collectors.  Apparently, they loaded wheelbarrow and all into truck as well.”

I hope this gentlemen is compensated for the loss of his wheelbarrow. 

One thought on “City Hall”

  1. Dave,
    Having things taken away that you didn’t think of as trash is not that uncommon. Can’t really blame the trash guys, who are in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” spot. So many people throw away stuff that is perfectly good that the trash guys don’t even bat an eye. But if they don’t toss it in the truck, then somebody will call asking why their trash hasn’t been picked up.

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