9 and 3

What a horrible team that is horribly coached but is such fun to watch.  Unbelievable really.  This has got to be the worst 9 and 3 team in country but who cares?  Geno Smith is a puzzle.  Why does he turn his back on the offensive line when he gets pressure?  And why when it’s third and one does he drop back and let it fly down the slide line thirty or forty yards?  I just don’t get it.  The offensive line is so painful to watch.  At the end of a play where we lose yardage two or three of those big guys are just standing there looking at the swarmed over ball carrier.  Special teams?  Forget it.

So, what does all this poor performance mean?  Not much.  After all this is sports not math class.  Good teams lose, bad teams win and no one can predict the outcome of any game with certainty.  The players are doing their best, and the coaches are doing their best.  The talent level on the player side and the motivation on the coaching side just isn’t there right now.  But, hey, the cardiac kids won again!

Go eers.



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