Casey Anthony Verdict

OK.  The jury seems to believe that Casey had nothing whatsoever to do with the child’s death.  Because of the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution, Casey could confess tomorrow and still be free of criminal consequences.  So what should happen?

The prosecutors should continue to investigate the case.  They should call Casey in front of the grand jury and ask her who did it and what she knows about the baby’s death.  She can’t take the Fifth because she has been acquitted (see above).  If she lies to the grand jury, that is a criminal offense.

Now, unfortunately, this won’t happen because most prosecutors just bow their neck, tell the world they know she did it (they are right, the jury is wrong) and to “re-open” the case is too embarassing because they perceive that as an “admission” they were wrong.  I disagree.  Find out what happened.  That’s the governments job!

Solve the case.  After all the money that the state has spent, call Casey in front of the grand jury is no real cost at all. 

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