Movie Review: “Social Network”

I would give this flick four out of five stars.  It is very interesting and well done.  The twin brothers who claim MZ stole Facebook from them are a little cartoonish but the flick is fascinating.  Particularly interesting is the role Sean Parker of Napster “fame” played in Facebook.  Also intriguing is that Larry Summers is the president of Harvard, and he, of course, went on to be Obama‘s economic advisor.  I still can’t for the life of me figure out how Facebook which is a free service with no advertising is worth so darn much money.  The movie doesn’t even attempt to explain that.  Lastly, I found it humorous that the film hints that all of these great innovations (Napster and Facebook) are really about smart guys trying to impress a lady.  Well, Hollywood had to put its signature approach in there somewhere. 

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