Predictions and Little Known Fact

1.  On the gubenatorial succession issue, I predict the West Virginia Supreme Court will rule that a special election needs to be held and that unless the Legislature passes a set of rules to do so they will take up the case after the session is over and set the rules themselves.

2.  Rich Rod will file for personal bankruptcy.

3.  WVU will finish second in the Big East basketball tournament and will make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

4.  West Virginia‘s economy will outperform 80% of other states.


Little known fact:  The office of Governor in West Virginia is a pretty weak position legislatively.  If the Senate and the House pass a bill and the Governor vetoes it, do you know what percentage of the House and Senate must vote to override the veto in order to make the bill law?  Two-thirds?  No.  The answer is A SIMPLE MAJORITY – the same vote total that passed the bill in the first place!  (In the case of the budget the veto override is two-thirds.)


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