Football and Coach Stewart

The talk continues that “we” have to get rid of Bill Stewart.  Why?  Is there any proof whatsoever that but for Bill Stewart this team would have a better record?  Not that I know of.  Is there any report that the players don’t want Bill Stewart as their coach?  Not that I know of.  Is there any allegation that Bill Stewart is not putting in the hours that his job as coach requires?  Not that I know of.  Such being the case, we need to keep Bill Stewart. 

When WVU starts to have its every four years run at the top ten and a possible national championship (could be next year), a guy like Bill Stewart is going to prove invaluable.  He won’t freak out and get everyone tied up in knots like Rich Rod did.  He won’t throw any players under the bus.  He’ll just get the job done.  

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