Aaaarrrggghhh as Charlie Brown Would Say

“The bill before the House is the Toys for Children Act.  In it, we make it law that every child will receive a beach ball.”

“Mr. Chairman, on behalf othe Guardian Party I move to amend the bill so that every child will receive a stuffed toy.”

“All those in favor of the amendment, say “aye.” 

Motion to amend defeated.

“Mr. Chairman, the Guardian Party will vote against this bill because we do not think beach balls are appropriate for all children especially those who live in colder climates.

After the bill passed, the headline read “Guaridan Party Votes Against Toys for Children.”

“Can you believe,” the Chairman said, “how compassionless the Guardian Party is.  Shame on them – voting against toys for children.”

Let’s all hate the Guardian Party.  They are so evil.

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