The Corporate Cash in Campaigns Decision

Why are folks so afraid of speech?  Hollywood can advertise a bad movie all they want – it will still flop at the box office. Remember Ishtar? Candidate A outspends Candidate B and yet Candidate B wins – it happens all the time in every election cycle.  What disturbs me most is this  automatic distinction some folks have between corporations (bad actors) and people (good actors).  Apparently anything that a corporation supports is without further consideration to be opposed as bad and evil.  Where this comes from is beyond me.  I guess the problem lies in the fact that almost everyone has been frustrated to the point of wanting to scream in dealing with a credit card company, a bank, a hospital, a phone company, an airline, etc.  But on the other hand we have all run into people who are dangerous, evil, mean-spirited, ignorant, hateful and abusive.  Corporations and people should be judged on their actions not on whether they are a corporation or the holder of a birth certificate.   The bedrock of our democracy is two-fold.  It consists of common sense and fairness.  Americans don’t “buy” doublespeak nonsense whether it comes from corporate American or individual leaders.  Americans also want the underdog to get a chance to succeed whether that is a small corporate business or a talented human being willing to work and strive.   

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