Have You Ever Noticed that …

there are three types of buildings where the architecture does not match the function?  Now a garage looks like a building designed to house a vehicle.  An office building is designed to have the maximum amount of offices with windows.  Most people building things don’t want to pay for space or room that is not needed to perform the function housed within the structure.  But there are three exceptions to that.

There are three examples of architectural types where that much space and height is definitely not needed in order to perform the function of the building.  They are:  banks, churches and capitol buildings.  Banks are generally huge, imposing buildings meant to inspire confidence.  In reality, the machinery needed to run a bank could fit in a much smaller edifice.  The same is true for vaulted churches and domed capitols.

I guess this is the same reason that some people live in houses with more rooms than they need.  I guess in some areas we want to imply importance in areas where we have doubts.


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