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West Virginia has done a good job this season.  9 and 3 is what I predicted back in August.  Now we go to the Gator Bowl and should play the Seminoles.  That is one we can win.  Next year?  If Noel Devine and Jock come back I think Ryan Clark and Gino Smith at QB will produce another good season.

Texas sure doesn’t look like the Number 2 team in the nation.  If Cincinnati plays Florida, oh my the Bearcats are going to get totally waxed. 

Alabama should win the national championship. 

USC is imploding once again.  But then it is a Hollywood team.

Upset prediction:  Ohio State is going to lose to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

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One thought on “Football Thoughts”

  1. WVU has had a good season. It could have easily been 11-1, and if we could get the South Fld. monkey off our back it could have been 12-0. Texas did not look like a #2 or even a top ten team the other night. I also agree that the Bearcats are not going to know what hit them in their bowl game against Florida.
    I agree also with Oregon. That should be a great game. (Anytime that Ohio State loses it is a great game for me.) I look for TCU to win big, and we all will be wondering what would take place if TCU and Bama had played each other.

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