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I am delighted with the Mountaineers being 7 and 2.  Why?  Well, that’s a winning season and we get a bowl game.  Also, we can still win the Big East.  The remaining games matter.  Think how un-delightful things would be if the Mountaineers were 2 and 7?  Sure everyone would like to win every game.  But since I’m not perfect I don’t really expect the Mountaineers and Coach Stew to be perfect. 


Watched a movie called “The Brothers Bloom.”  Gawd, it was awful.  Out of five stars I would give it one.  It had some pretty photography (Prague and mansions) but the people responsible for this bomb should be ashamed.  The main characters wore goofy hats (somebody probably thought that would be really cool).  The characters every thirty minutes seem to feel compelled to say something profound.  Ugh.  This turkey is awful.


The Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia have nothing to do with Obama.  Come on, people.  Has anyone EVER cast a vote for governor based on what is going on in the White House?  And remember Obama won an election against John McCain.  His votes mean basically that the voter preferred Obama over McCain.  Assuming the voter also endorses all of Obama’s goals and priorities is not a logical conclusion.  Personally, I think politics is one of the most “over-analyzed” areas around.  But it is fun to discuss.

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