East Carolina – the Jarrett Brown show

I was at the game.  The coverage in the Charleston press on Sunday I think failed to properly emphasize the “big league” job done by QB Jarrett Brown.  It has not been since Marc Bulger that West Virginia has had a legitimate long pass threat.  Let me tell you Jarrett AND his receivers are the real deal.  Throwing it over the heads of the defenders is what we need to win big games. We even threw a pass across the middle – something I have not seen from WVU in years.  Several blogs ago, I remarked that Jarrett is the Tim Tebow of the Big East and I think that was proven on Saturday.  With the long ball threat Noel Devine is going to get some nice runs.  If we win decisively at Auburn I am going to feel very, very good about this season.  I still think we are looking at a 9 and 3 season but if Jarrett brings his A game every week….well who knows.  Go Mountaineers!!!

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