Vice Presidents and VP Wannabees – Oh My

Sarah Palin will resign as governor.  Makes no sense to me.  Her Twitter explanation is also ungrammatical.  Good grief.

And then there’s Joe Biden.  Will someone please tell him to stop answering tough questions by saying “look”?  In his interviews, whenever he gets a question he doesn’t like he goes “look” and then says something.  He also refers to the Obama-Biden administration is his answers.  Joe likes to talk which is fine but lose the attitude, Joe.


One thought on “Vice Presidents and VP Wannabees – Oh My”

  1. Sarah Palin making sense? She never makes much sense. Why should this time be any different? I am sure that Russia is at rest now that she can no longer conduct Foreign Policy based on what she sees from her front porch.
    I like Joe Biden, but I agree with you. He might need to stop talking so much. Of course being VP I am not sure anyone is listening.

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