Sports Interview

“Coach, you have your season openner coming up against State but after that you have your arch rival Capitol.  Are you planning to look passed State towards Capitol or are you going to take it one game at a time?”

“One game at a time.”

“Coach, are you going to rely on your veterans for leadership?”


“Coach, are you going to play your game or are you going to let the other team dictate how you will play?”

“We’re going to play our game.”

“Coach, do you think the kids will play hard each game or just mail it in every once in awhile?”

“They’ll play hard every game.”

“Coach, if your team makes a lot of mistakes but still wins, will you take the win?”


“Coach, is it about being lucky or making your own breaks?”

“Making your own breaks.”

“Thanks, coach. Great Interview.”

“Hey, thank you guys.  Great questions.”

One thought on “Sports Interview”

  1. Coach: “Well, if our offense is firing on all cylinders, and, uh, our defense holds the other team, and, well, uh, we basically score more points than they do, well, uh, I would say we have a good chance of winning tonight’s game ….”

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