The Best is Not Always the Best

So and so is the best football player in America.  Actually, so and so is the best of those persons who have chosen to play football.  Who knows whether the best football player ever has chosen to run an advertising agency in Baltimore rather than play football.  The same holds true for any discipline.

Remember how the Russians back when they were Communists used to field athletic teams?  They went around and tested everybody, and if you had the potential you would enter a state run program to develop your skills. Of course that didn’t produce the best athletes because it assumes the persons making the selection were the best at doing that, namely making selections.  Since they weren’t, this system didn’t produce the best either.

So how do we determine the best?  You can’t.  All you can do is determine on this day in this forum of those who chose to participate, the winner was the best.

This is why you should never give up your dreams.  If and when you have the courage to try, you might just turn out to be the best.


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