What A Strong Move He Gasped !!

Watching basketball is fun and listening to the “expert” commentators is part of that fun.  One thing I have noticed is this “gushing” when some big guy standing under the basket gets the ball down low then with a Herculean effort actually lifts the practically weightless basketball up, up all the way over his head then hops a few inches and dunks the ball.  “What strength!” the commentators scream.  “Look at all that power!”  “What a move !!”

Correct me if I am wrong but lifting a ball over your head is not really my idea of an obvious display of superhuman strength.  But it is a “power move” and shows how “the big guy” can really “muscle” his way under the basket.  Good grief.  Then what I also like is if the ball happens to be smacked out of the big guy’s hands his arms continue to move straight up over his head as if his upward arm movement was so powerful he can’t stop it … his arms have to go way up, straight up and flail around helplessly without the ball.  And the look of shock, amazement and “I was obviously fouled” on the big guy’s face is also priceless.

A good flop is always fun to watch but nothing beats the superhuman effort associated with some seven foot guy actually lifting a basketball over his head.  Now that is power.  That is strength.  Awesome, baby, awesome.

One thought on “What A Strong Move He Gasped !!”

  1. I think thats funny to. Let a big guy try something like that with a bowling ball. Then we can tell how strong he really is. It takes power to nock down all those pins.

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