In Defense of Jeff Eldridge

I spent a year in the House of Delegates and came to know Jeff Eldridge pretty well.  He is a great fellow who takes his work seriously and is someone whom I feel conducts himself well and does a good job in the House.  Jeff impresses me as a solid fellow by which I mean he has substance and can be trusted and counted on to do the right thing.  Even before I knew of his fight club background, I recognized that Jeff is the kind of person you want in the foxhole beside you.  Solid.

The “blow back” from his Barbie Doll bill I’m sure was a surprise to Jeff.  But for those who criticize him for “wasting the Legislature’s time” I would submit that wasting time is what the Legislature generally does.  Jeff’s bill didn’t “move the needle” an inch on that one.  You could probably cover Kanawha Boulevard with the bills that get introduced each year and go nowhere. 


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