Sports and Politics

Have you ever noticed a certain similiarity between sports and politics?  Both have an obvious and unrelenting presence on radio and TV.  Shows are devoted exclusively to discussing, dissecting, arguing and predicting the various aspects and personalities of both “professions.”  In both, there is no particular requirement to have an opinion.  There are also no particular requirements to particpate in either field other than a willingness to do so and the ability to win.  The fans in both fields are often unquestioning “boosters” of whatever their “team” happens to do.  Those who support the other “team” are unfortunately often “hated” and demeaned as being “evil”, “supid” or worse.  Both fields encourage huge rallies with the “players” being center stage.  There is a lot of shouting, noise and excitement at rallies for both.  Both love to look back at the “history” of their team and the next game/election is a reason for great intensity, effort and “sacrifice.”  When a good player/coach/politician comes along, things happen.  When a mistake is made or an effort fails, that person is a “bum” and is criticized as a “failure.”  Not taking chances is often the preferred course of action.

Obviously, both sports and politics fill a human need.  Both can be uplifting and create splendid moments and memories.  Both create bonds and rivalries.  Both are constantly changing.

Go team!  Hurray for my/our/your side.

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