WV Inaugural Festivities

Very nicely done.  Although the crowds may have been down, it was by no means a poor turnout.  The event at the Clay Center showed how well that building can accomodate a group with plenty of room and style.  The swearing in was cold but I certainly prefer having it on the non-river side of the capitol.  It appeared one poor soldier was overcome by the cold but other than that, everyone toughed it out.

The civic center event was by far the best I have ever seen.  The four seasons themed decoration were very, very well done and the Spinners put on a classic Motown show. 

One word to those on the platform during the swearing in ceremony.  When you come down the stairs, all eyes are on you because, quite frankly, there is nothing else to watch.  The gents should take off their hats, bonnets or whatever adorns your cranium, hold it in your hand then put it back on when you reach your seat.  Governor Manchin even went so far to take off his coat as he descended the stairs and put it back on at his seat.  The parade of odd hat wearers was however interesting.  Several cowboy hats and a few “let’s go sledding” stocking caps were on display. 

In my opinion Joe Manchin has done a remarkable job for the state.  Presumably, his successor was somewhere on the platform on Monday.  He will be very hard if not impossible to replace. 

One thought on “WV Inaugural Festivities”

  1. I actually like the river side better. While I know that it can be cold on that side of the building, it felt warmer to me on Monday. I spent the morning on the river side watching the parade. I got warm enough to remove my gloves. On the other side I could never warm. I left early due to being so cold.
    I would agree that many on the platform want to be the next person for Manchin’s job. Is it possible though that the next person could come from elsewhere in the state. Who would have thought 4 short years ago that Obama would be the President this time? That is what makes politics so much fun.

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