Meineke Car Crash Bowl

Here is exactly what will happen in Charlotte on December 27.  The Mountaineers will run wild all over the place posting upwards of thirty largely unanswered points.  Then UNC will start a come back as WVU starts to “seize up.”  Remember the Sugar Bowl against Georgia?  As the game draws to an end, it will be up to Pat White to score the winning TD.  He will throw a bubble screen pass to Noel Devine who will absolutely fake out two UNC defenders and rocket into the end zone.  Mountaineer win by single digits.  Ranked 23.  P.S.  The defense will register three sacks of the UNC quarterback.

2 thoughts on “Meineke Car Crash Bowl”

  1. Kind of an amazing prediction of the final outcome — thirty-some points, single digits win, ranked 23rd. Dave, you may have missed your true calling.

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