Odds and Ends

How spoiled we are.  If WVU beats USF on Saturday, we will be 8-4.  Before the recent “golden years” we would have loved a winning season with a bowl game.  As far as Bill Stewart goes, I think coaches get far too much credit for winning programs and far too much blame for disappointing seasons.  If there really was a “trick” to coaching, it would be taught in universities and studied like other businesses and professions.  The fact that it is not leads me to conclude that coaching is more perception than reality.  Over any given season the talent level of the team will out.  Coaching can make a difference around the edges and bad coaching can sink a team but other than that I don’t think coaching makes that much difference.  The team does the winning and losing no matter who is wandering the sidelines.

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There are far too many legislative interims.  Some committees need to meet some of the time between sessions.  The present protocol of having every legislator attending meetings every month is unjustifiable.

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Pat White is one class act.  When the idea of having a “white out” in the stands for the last home game came up, Pat was against it.  He pointed out that he isn’t the only senior on the team.  I am really going to miss the gentleman from Daphne, Alabama and wish him well.


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