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Congratulations to the Mountaineer footballers.  Nice win over UConn.  CBS Sports predicts that we will win the Big East and go to the Orange Bowl in Miami to play Georgia Tech.  I’ll take that.


If Obama loses WV to McCain by a few points and yet Anne Barth wins against Shelly Moore Capito that would be a troubling statistical reflection on cultural bias in the state.




It appears the races to watch will be the Attorney General race and the Supreme Court race.  If Beth Walker and Margaret Workman win then I imagine WV will be the only state in America where a majority of its supreme court justices are women!




In olden days epidemics often resulted in rapid burials of bodies that were overwhelming the local burial businesses.  Tragically, some were buried before they died.  This resulted in the practice of tying a string to a finger of the corpse, running the string through a hole in the casket up to the surface where it was attached a bell.  Hence, the saying “saved by the bell.”

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